Lodahl Aero Brexit update

Posted on 8th March 2019 by Lodahl

With the continued lack of clarity around Brexit, we wanted to send out a short note to give an overview of the issues and what we are doing to manage our risks.


In the aviation personnel industry, we see two major risks should around Brexit.  The risks are there whatever form Brexit takes but are more pronounced should no Withdrawal Agreement (‘WA’) be made between the UK Government and the EU.


The two main risks we have identified for our business are:-


Personnel Licensing

If there is no WA in place by 29 March 2019, EASA has indicated that UK CAA Part 66 personnel will no longer be able to sign for EASA registered aircraft.  We believe that some form of agreement will be made eventually for recognition of each other’s qualifications, but there may be a short-term ‘shock’ if there is no deal in the next 21 days.


The UK CAA is advising UK licence holders who wish to continue to sign for EASA registered aircraft to transfer their licences to another EASA territory, although the date for this application being processed prior to 29 March has already passed (it was 01/01/2019).


Our position is that it doesn’t make any sense for the UK to undercut EASA when it comes to airworthiness and aviation safety, so we believe that an agreement will be made, and that UK Licensed Engineers will probably be able to take some form of continuation training to maintain the right to sign for EASA registered aircraft (and vice versa).  This will solve the issue in the longer-term, but we can expect some short-term disruption.



Work Permits

To apply for work permits, a company generally has to have some form of local presence.  This will mean that UK based recruiters will be unable to apply for work permits for France, Germany, Spain etc. if they want to send British workers there.  This gives UK based recruitment companies two choices: –

  • Set-up a local office
  • Don’t send British workers on EU assignments


We already have a number of clients who are requesting that we don’t send British workers as they are unsure whether they will be able to use them after 29 March.  We are discussing the situation with clients that are heavily reliant on British workers, but the general position is that there is no real preparedness due to the lack of clarity.



Lodahl Aero’s position

To mitigate the above risks, we have taken a few steps: –

  • We incorporated an Irish company 12 months ago and will move all business which must be supported from the EU to that operation should this be required.
  • We have increased our efforts to expand our network of workers from across the EU so that our clients will have a continuity of service should no WA be agreed.
  • We have registered ourselves as non-resident employers in a number of EU/EEA countries and are ready to upgrade this to having a local branch office should this be required.  We will do this in countries where our customers are heavily reliant on British workers



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