Latest Aerospace and Aviation vacancies

Posted on 14th September 2016 by Lodahl

We have had a pretty busy summer and are seeing it get even busier as we move into autumn.  We have lots of aerospace and aviation jobs on our jobs page, for example:-

  • Senior Design Engineer for Aircraft Modification
  • Certification Engineer for Aircraft Galleys
  • Logistics Manager
  • LabVIEW Development Engineers for manufacturing technology company
  • Boeing B717 Licensed Engineers for base maintenance contract





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Brexit – The Facts

Posted on 24th June 2016 by Lodahl

There will be a lot of uncertainty and false claims over Brexit, but here are some things we definitely know:-

  1. The UK is still a member of the EU and will be for at least another two years.  It will probably take between three and five years to negotiate the terms of the exit.  This means that all EU citizens still have the right to live and work in the UK for the foreseeable future, and British citizens will have the right to live and work elsewhere in the EU.  What happens next depends upon the deal negotiated between the UK and the EU.
  2. The Prime Minister has said that non-UK nationals who currently live here, and British nationals who live elsewhere in the UK do not need to be worried that they will be ‘sent home’.  This is likely to be a major part of the negotiation and it is in everyone’s interest to not cause a mass exodus or be accused of ‘ethnic cleansing’.
  3. The financial markets will be volatile for a period of time while all of this is negotiated.  It is likely the GBP will weaken, which is good for exporters and bad for importers.
  4. The business community are likely to be conservative in their investment decisions until the terms of the deal are negotiated.


There are also some thoughts we have about how this will affect the aviation industry.  These are just our opinions, based on nothing other than our experience in this industry and across Europe.

  1. Immigration will become the main political arena for the next few UK elections.  Each political party will be forced to publish immigration numbers that they propose for the country.  Once they are in power, they will be held to account over these numbers.  This could cause a significant skills shortage in the UK and especially in areas like aviation which is truly international and has a high level of labour mobility.  This could benefit skilled British workers and see an increase in salaries and wages for those with the right skills.
  2. The fall in the GBP might make it more attractive for British workers to go to Europe again.  The last few years has seen rates continuously eroded across Europe, especially in areas such as fixed-wing aircraft maintenance.  A weaker GBP might bring these jobs back to a level where British workers are keen to take them again.
  3. European companies will be more cautious about hiring British workers.  They will be unsure about the legal status and will often decide that it is easier to steer clear of the issue.  This will mean greater movement of skilled aviation workers between EU countries, filling the gap that would have traditionally been filled by Brits.
  4. If the UK Government negotiates a deal with the EU which prevents free movement of labour, the British recruitment agency supplying British workers to EU based companies will become an almost non-existent model.  The way applications for work permits operate does not work for a third-party agency as it is only really set-up for an employer to apply.  This will see a change in the recruitment market with British recruitment companies either focusing on the UK only, or moving to supplying EU based workers to other EU countries.


As with any major change there will be threats and there will be opportunities.  The most difficult thing for workers and businesses in the aviation sector will be the uncertainty which will cloud everything for the next 3-5 years.

Latest jobs

Posted on 24th March 2016 by Lodahl

We have quite a few exciting new jobs in this week, so please visit our aerospace and aviation jobs page using this link 

  • Boeing B787 Licensed Engineers to work in a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean!
  • Avionic and Mechanical Systems Engineers to work in France, Japan or the USA.
  • Project Manager for a major MRO in the UK.

New website – Lodahl.Aero

Posted on 11th February 2016 by Lodahl

Welcome to the new Lodahl website. We have been in aviation and aerospace recruitment for 15 years, so we wanted to acknowledge our heritage but also look towards the future.  We have always focussed on giving excellent customer service and on really understanding the aerospace and aviation industries and that will never change.


The Lodahl.Aero website and branding show that we are more committed than ever to the aerospace and aviation industries.  

Lodahl Aerospace and Aviation Jobs

Posted on 5th February 2016 by Lodahl

The team at Lodahl Aero has been supplying skilled people to the aerospace and aviation industries worldwide for 15 years.  One of the best ways to keep up-to-date with us is to follow Lodahl Aero on Facebook.  On here we post the latest news and views from the aerospace and aviation worlds, as well as all of our jobs from the aviation and aerospace industries worldwide.

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